Who Am I

Born in Berlin, Germany, I started my career at the German National Carrier Lufthansa in 1978, where I underwent a stringent multi-year General Management Training, exposing myself to nearly every discipline of the airline business, including Reservations, Passenger and Cargo Sales, Aircraft dispatch and operations, Airport operations, Charter operations, IT, HR, Marketing and Communications.

Based on the broad knowledge gathered in this domestic and international programme, I decided to select a career path in Communications, with first assignments overseeing the European communications activities of Lufthansa and later being stationed at the Directorate for Austria and Eastern Europe in Vienna.

Back at the Lufthansa headquarter I was tasked with the responsibility for all communications efforts regarding the Airline’s Operation and its Technical Services, before being awarded the position of Lufthansa Group Spokesperson in 1991.

After being put in charge for International Communications of the Lufthansa Group I was fortunate to become a member of the founding organization of Star Alliance in late 1996. And when Star Alliance was transformed into a company of its own rights I was selected as a member of the initial management team in 2001.

Over time my responsibilities within the management team extended far beyond Internal and External Communications and included among others, Corporate Secretary functions, Public and Environmental Affairs, Government Relations, Passenger Satisfaction, Training, Quality and Project Management as well as Safety and Crisis Management.

Due to these highly diverse responsibilities and thanks to the constant interaction with the management teams of all Star Alliance members, I believe, that there may hardly be any other job in this industry allowing oneself to gain more valuable insights and to accumulate such a wealth of aviation knowledge and experience across a multitude of disciplines.

Over the years I was able to establish a comprehensive network of contacts with media representatives as well as with decision makers at airlines and industry partners around the globe which I now put into play for selected industry projects.

Some of the organisations which I currently support you find here.